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Bird Watching, Natural History & Wildlife Ecology Adventures

TNT Natural history and wildlife tours bring you face to face with our native wildlife in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. We offer a full range of exclusive, personalized tours. Couples, groups and families on vacation are all catered for.

Our highlight tours are based in Trinidad & Tobago. These Islands are known to have the highest biological diversity than any other neighbouring Caribbean islands.

With 430 species of birds at hand, Trinidad and Tobago Natural history and wildlife adventures offers to you the best and most assessable introduction to tropical bird watching. The islands are at the crossroads of travel for migrating North American, South American and Caribbean birds.

Here also, there are over 104 species of mammals, including two species of monkeys, manatees, dolphins, and over 58 species of bats.

With over 2000 species recorded of flowering plants, including orchids and bromeliads a background of unrivalled beauty is created for the unique tropical insect life that is everywhere. There are over 600 tropical butterflies free in their natural insectorium

Our tours are lead by personal expert guides who will immerse you into an adventure of the region’s range of ecosystems and habitats. We offer day, and multiple day, adventures year round.

Our featured Bird Watching, Natural History &Wildlife Ecology Adventures are:

  • Tropical bird watching, photographic and interpreted tours
  • Ecology & Adventure Rainforest wildlife Natural history and ecology viewing safaris
  • Custom designed specialist guided Natural history and wildlife tours to meet your needs and interests include the following:
    • Island Reptile and Amphibians adventures
    • Marine Sea Turtle - Leather back Sea Turtle seasonal nesting viewing
    • Dolphins viewing adventure tours
    • Butterfly and insect viewing adventures
    • Special interest Educational Rainforest Natural history and wildlife tours Interested?

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Our featured Bird Watching, Natural History &Wildlife Ecology Adventures tour

  • The Best of Tropical Bird Watching

Our premiere site for Bird watching is in Trinidad and Tobago.
Trinidad and Tobago is the hot spot for tropical birding, which offers the best introduction to both Caribbean and South American bird watching experiences. Trinidad and Tobago, even though they are small tropical islands have some of the widest range of families with unique highlight species, all in one space.

Unmatched in the Caribbean for bird watching, Trinidad and Tobago, our feature bird watching adventure destination, ranks by international birding specialists as one of the worlds best top ten countries in terms of bird species, and some of the richest species diversity per sq. km or miles.

These islands offer a unique introduction for safe and well-organized bird watching tours and travel with expert field guides within easy access to the diversity of bird watching ecosystems in a short time frame. This is unmatched on the mainland or on any other Caribbean island.

The islands offer the most diverse of island ecosystem-habitats for bird watching.
Though Trinidad is only seven miles from the South American mainland, species found there are readily available here for viewing or photography.

Bird watching habitats include elfin forest, upper montane and lowland rainforest, caves, natural savannas, grasslands, fresh and saltwater swamps and man made wetlands. Coastal beaches, mud flats, open ocean, and small islets, are ideal bird watching sites.

Of the 430 species of birds have been recorded on the islands, about 250 are known to breed. There is one endemic, the very rare Trinidad Piping Guan. Unique species include the nocturnal Oil birds which live in caves during the day, Scarlet Ibises, Rufous-Vented Chachalacas, Red-bellied Macaws, Channel-billed Toucans, Black-tailed Tityras, Ornate Hawk Eagles; Golden headed Manakins; Red-legged Honeycreepers, Speckled and Hepatic Tanagers, White-necked Jacobins, Collared Trogons, Blue-crowned Motmost, and Green Kingfishers. Famed for its Hummingbirds, there are seventeen species to be searched for.

There are also marine sea bird island colonies with Magnificent Frigate birds and Brown Pelicans on offshore islands and islets.

Birding on the larger island, Trinidad, introduces you to the widest range of habitats. Whereas, birding in Tobago is more intimate, and introduces you to a more traditional Caribbean type, small island ecosystem.

You can choose between our specialist packages or custom design your own tour!
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TNT Birding Adventures
Discover Trinidad 8 Days & 7 Nights Group package

  • Day 1- Arrive in Trinidad: transfer from airport to hotel of stay (Asa Wright Nature Centre)
  • Day 2- Orientation Day: early morning breakfast and briefing by local birdwatcher and naturalist guide. At 09:00 am we venture along Centers interpretative trails through the lush tropical moist rainforest that Asa Wright Nature Centre has to offer. This evergreen rainforest sits 1800 ft above sea level where you will enjoy a great diversity of flora & fauna and a wide variety of Hummingbirds, Toucans, Honeycreepers Bell Birds, Manikins Trogans and much more. In fact as many as 250 species of birds have been recorded for the area. Later in the day you will have a special guided tour to the unique Oil Birds or Guacharo Caves. This Steatornithidae belong to an order of high camouflage and secretive Bird. This strange species is extremely socialable, breeding and living in pitch-black Caves. Almost totally blind the bird uses a very complex means of navigation called Echolocation. At the end of the day the usual home-setting dinner is served. At the Centre all meals are included.
  • Day 3- Visit to Arena Forest & Nariva Swamp Atlantic East Coast: here in the beautiful Northern Range of Trinidad we venture outside of Asa Wright for birding along the foothills of the Northern Range, cutting through a wide cross section of a very complex and cosmopolitan population. Upper class, middle class and lower class residential areas. Passing the University of the West Indies on the former grounds of the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture and the oldest Caribbean Benediction Monastery, Sugar Cane, Cocoa and Coffee, plantations. As you head easterly towards the Atlantic Coastline of the island almost as far as you can see miles of beautiful coastline all of this while we bird-watch along the way. As we enter the Nariva Swamp regions we would be picking-up the species as we go such as Pinnated Bittern, Morehens and Jacana, Blackbird, Rails and Crakes, Savannah Hawks and other Raptors. Later in the afternoon we stop along the Atlantic shore line of beautiful Cocos bay - Manzanilla beach to a grove of Royal Palms where we see hundreds of Red Bellied Macaw roosting for the night. Thereafter we make our way back to Asa Wright.
  • Day 4- Maracas Bay and The Caribbean Sea North Coast : after breakfast we depart along the scenic North Coast Road of Blanchisseuse or Maracas Royal Road where you are provided with some serious bird watching and relaxation. First we bird watch along the a Blanchisseuse road taking in Swallow-tailed Kite, Bat Falcon, White-tailed Trogon, hummingbirds and many more birds toad to your collection. We then make our final stop at the on our way to Maracas or Blanchisseuse Beach , where for the first time you get a chance to swim and soak in the Caribbean Sea. After lunch, we would return along the same route through the tropical forested hills of birding as we go. We return to Asa Wright.
  • Day 5- Free day exploring Asa Wright on Own
  • Day 6- Down South to the Pitch Lake Gulf of Paria West Coast: take in a drive to the central and south of the island to the world’s famous Pitch Lake birding along the way. On this tour we will have the opportunity of learning about our people, the culture, history & places of interest and three different landscapes, the hills of the North, the plains of Central and the rolling hills of the South.
    We depart the hotel at 9:00 am with a short introduction drive along Independence Square Port of Spain, before we enter the highway, passing the hills of the beautiful Northern Range. Our drive takes us through the plains of Central Trinidad, vast mangrove swamp and rice fields. As Trinidad being a mixed society, of all different races, we will see many Hindu flags in front of private residences & Hindu Temples and hear about their significance. On passing through the 3rd largest city Chaguanas, we then enter the landscape of the South, the beautiful gently “rolling hills” covered with sugarcane plantations. And our Industrial Capital of Point Lisas and then it’s on to San Fernando, our second largest City. We travel through several typical Southern villages via main road that leads us along the West Coast to A world famous attraction the “Pitch Lake” situated in La Brea. Here we take a 1 1/2 hour guided walk on this natural Asphalt Lake and find out many facts from the local guides. A “Wonder” of the World”, you would have never believed existed! After our tour of the lake we make our way back to San Fernando and return to Port of Spain. A unique variety of birds, animal and botanical life awaits you on this full-day tour.
  • Day 7- Caroni Bird Sanctuary: spend the morning at Asa Wright strolling through its trails or sit at the verandah taking in the variety of birds coming at the feeders throughout the morning, have your cameras & binoculars ready. We would depart the centre around 2:30 and make our way to the Caroni Bird Sanctuary where we board a flatbottom boat and make our way through the Mangrove Swamp or Wetland commonly called. The Caroni Nature Sanctuary covers an area of 40 square miles at Trinidad’s North West Coast. After just little a 1/2hour drive from Port of Spain after boarding our boat we slowly travel along the beautiful peaceful waterways and lagoons admiring the bizarre Beauty of the Landscape and a variety of birds and other wildlife. The most astounding among these birds is the Scarlet Ibis, one of the islands national birds is a large bright red bird feeding and nesting here. This exciting tour is world renowned among ornithologists as it offers the observer an opportunity to see this rare protected bird with very little effort.
    As an added attraction you have an option of also visiting a 60ft high view tower (approx. 100 steps) from which you experience a fantastic panoramic view of the swamp and environs including the Northern Range - imagine placing yourself just above the clouds.... Or just remain seated in the boats, while your guide keeps you informed. The almost surrealistic beauty of this famous nature resort will amaze you.
    After this relaxing boat ride we return to the main landing and make our way to back to Asa Wright
  • Day 8 - this is you day of departure from Trinidad or to extend your stay by taking a trip to the sister isle of Tobago for more bird watching or just simply relaxing at one of the resort hotels on the island.

Please note:
Cost for this package would include all meals, hotel taxes, tour guide services, entrance fees and transport depend on availability of accommodation at the Asa Wright Nature Centre. However we can offer this packages from the following hotels & guesthouses in Port of Spain as follows:

Name of Accommodation
Asa Wright Nature Centre: US $ 1,295.00 US $ 2,170.00 From May 01st to Oct 30th 2003
Asa Wright Nature Centre: US $ 1,400.00 US $ 2,380.00 From Nov 01st to Dec 14th 2003
Asa Wright Nature Centre: US $ 1,680.00 US $ 2,730.00 From Dec 15th 03 to Mar 30th 2004
Asa Wright Nature Centre: US $ 1,400.00 US $ 2,380.00 From Apr 01st to Apr 30th 2004
Name of Accommodation
From Dec 15th 2003 to April 14th 2004
Pax Guesthouse US $ 1,092.0 US $ 1,930.53 (Private facilities)
Pax Guesthouse US $ 990.64 US $ 1,828.89 (Private facilities)
Carnetta’s Inn US $ 903.14 US $ 1,433.60  
Hilton Trinidad US $ 1,590.96 US $ 2,371.74  
Ambassador Hotel US $ 1,177.26 US $1,814.40  
Kapok Hotel US $ 1,267.28 US $ 1,890.84  


Please also note:
That your lunches on full day tours would be a pack lunch provided by the hotel of stay, but is some cases we may have lunch at a pre-assigned restaurant depending on the day of the tour and the planned itinerary.

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