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Discover the diving & aquatic adventures of the Caribbean in Trinidad and Tobago!

We offer a complete range of full service water sporting activities ranging from Scuba diving & snorkeling, surfing, kite skiing, kayaking, sailing, to fun beach adventures which can be active to relaxed.

We are the premiere diving & aquatic adventure location of the southern Caribbean as the island of Tobago is still relatively undiscovered as a dive site, rich in coral reefs, marine life and rainforested coastlines. All of which still makes us the best Dive sites-secret in Caribbean!.

All our dive & aquatic adventure tours are designed with the higest safety and quality standards, which are the corner stones of our business for you to enjoy..

Our dive & aquatic adventure tours bring you in contact with what is above and below the water to suite your every interest.

Trinidad and Tobago, our home base water sport site, offers you the Caribbean’s most unique range of aquatic environment. From the dynamic Atlantic coast to the blue Caribbean Sea, to the southern out flow currents of the Orinoco river, all can be experienced in one trip.

Diving in Tobago offers you the exciting opportunities to see giant manta rays, whale sharks,and one of the world’s largest brain corals. Marine life on many wonderful coral reefs and even sites for wreck diving, are there for youp exploration.

Come and see why Tobago is the one of the most sought after dive sites in the Caribbean and a former watering hole for the Pirates of the Caribbean.We can design all your underwater experiences to meet you experience- level and budget.

Services include the following range of full services:
Aquatic Adventures

  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Beach Adventures
  • Surfing
  • Power Boating
  • Water Skiing
  • Jet skiing
  • Sea kayaking
  • Sea Kite Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Visits to Isolated Beaches, Islets & Bays Adventures
  • Island sailing and charters

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Our featured Aquatic adventures

  • Aquatic adventure experiences:
    We offer a full range of water sports and aquatic adventure experiences for the fun lover as well as the trill seeker. We have a full range of water sport equipment for individual and group intrest. Package tour services include many dive options such as kayaking, kite skiing, jet skiing, surfing, as well as simply swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing and even a quiet moon light dinner on an isolated beach.
  • Water Sport adventure below the water:
    We can take you diving safely to the best dive sites in Tobago. Our adventures take you to the island’s many coral reefs, sea wall, sunken ships and many more unique dive environments both shallow and deep-water dives!
  • Sailing and yachting Adventures:
    For the Sailing and yachting enthusiast we offer Sailing charters for one day to multi day options to explore around the islands. Come and see why some of the best and most fun Caribbean sailing regattas are held in Tobago!
  • Conservation Sport Fishing:
    For the salt and fresh water fishing enthusiasts the islands water offers some of the most challenging fishing waters of the Caribbean where the both their quality and quantity of fishing adventure experiences is rated one of the best in the region!

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